Sold out for November or Nahhhh?

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

✌🏽 November & 👋🏽 December!

November is a WRAP! Finished. Done. Complete.

You are probably wrapping up your November books and getting a clear picture as to where you landed for the month. 📈📉 So I have a question for you....

Did you meet your November sales goal? 🤔 If not, why?

✨Transparency Moment: I did NOT meet my November sales goals. One, I don’t think I clearly outlined what I even wanted my goal to be and two, I felt SO disorganized and all over the place that it was extremely hard for me to focus. So I had to make a few executive decisions moving forward into December.

🔹I purchased the SOS Business Bundle 👉🏽( 👈🏽 to assist with helping me to organize and streamline my businesses. Many of the areas that I struggle in have been laid out in this bundle for easy implementation.

🔸 I decided to clear my calendar for the month of December by not accepting any new projects, complete my current projects and allow myself a chance to regroup.

🔹I’m working on developing clear and concise goals for 2021 and with developing new products for release.

The main thing that I keep in mind is that my entrepreneurial journey is not a race. I can move at my own pace and continue to do what feels rights, fits my business models/morals and still WIN!! So no, I didn’t meet my November goals but I’m convinced I will meet or exceed my goals moving forward. And even if I don’t, I realize it’s ok to stop, regroup, recharge and reattack. 😉

I hope this last month of 2020 is everything you desire. You’ve definitely got it in you. Sometimes you just have to re-evaluate exactly what you need to do to get the job DONE! You got it! 💕✨


Daisha D.

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