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Who Am I & Why Do I Do This?

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I had such a great meeting today! 😁 I’m


I am a mother of 4, full-time employee (for now) and full-time multi business entrepreneur. 

I learned about the importance of multiple streams of income and never looked back. I decided to utilize skills that I have & enjoyed using and turned them into services, which have now generated thousands of dollars in income! 

Currently I am the -

Founder & Lead Travel Specialist of 3D Travel Xscursions

Founder, Success Coach, & Designer of Iamdaishad, LLC

Is being an multi-entrepreneur/business owner easy? Heck NO!! Some days I feel like I’m losing EVERY piece of my mind and others I feel as if I'm receiving every blessing with my name on it. But for me, even the rocky times bring me growth and growth brings me joy. To look back and see my progression from where I started gives me a sense of accomplishment and pride. I want you to share in those same feelings. Sometimes all we need is that push from someone who believes in you. 

Well, now you've got me! 

What skills do you have that can be turned into a stream of income?

What do you enjoy doing?

What great idea do you have that needs to be shared with the world?

How can I motivate you to accomplish your next steps?

I want to help you turn your skills and thoughts into a profitable business, help your accomplish your dreams and meet your goals. 

Already have a business but need help getting it together? 

No problem, Let's Chat! 

I can't wait to assist and cheer you along as you tap into your highest potential! 

Let's map out your road to success and make your mark in the world! 




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I've been sick for 2 days 😷 BUT it's no
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